The Legend of Dr. Scary


Dr Scary didn’t start out evil, or as a monster, or even as being scary. In fact, he would avoid anything that was scary out of fear and the horror of it all.

Steven Cary was a curious kid. He looked forward to each Christmas and birthday for the chemistry set or laboratory equipment he would get. Nothing scary, nothing to fear, no gore or horror, just more of what he needed to continue his experiments. Steven’s experiments never involved any horror or gore, nothing evil and wouldn’t scare anyone. Steven was going to invent the perpetual motion machine!

10th grade biology was scary for Steven. He thought cutting animals was evil and didn’t like the gore and horror of it all. He didn’t like how his friends in class would do evil things, enjoy the horror and gore and always try to scare him. As time went on, he was no longer scared and no longer thought it was evil; he became fascinated.

Young Mr. Cary now had a new direction in his life. He was going to be the scientist that found the cures for scary illnesses, horrible diseases and other evils that ailed mankind. He was thinking about medical school!

Medical school went by quickly for Mr. Cary. Bloody but not scary, messy but not gory. He could always be found in the lab working with blood and tissue samples. He was growing more immune to the blood and gore. He assisted in the morgue whenever he could. While others found it scary, he found it interesting. Working with dead people was better than his side job, taking care of lab animals at a nearby research facility. Nobody there could imagine the evil that was to come.

Now Dr Steven Cary wanted nothing more than to be a doctor after his internship. His name tag now read Dr S Cary. He wanted to find the cures for the evils in the world. He was tire of seeing how scary things were for people suffering. Being a doctor wasn’t doing it for him.

Next, Dr S Cary landed a job at a high-tech experimental research facility. To some, the job sounded scary and without purpose, but not to him. To him, it was fulfilling his mission to cure the evils of the world. Blood and gore were a way of life at the lab. The horror of some of the experimentation was overlooked. He was haunted by the idea that people were suffering because he hadn’t found the cure yet. Close friends started calling him Dr Scary instead of Dr S Cary because how calmly he dealt with the experimentation.

Work was still limiting, so Dr Scary set up a lab at his house. He helped out at the local morgue. It was scary how much ended up at his lab from the morgue. A visitor would have thought they were in a haunted house! Evil things were starting to happen.

Dr Scary was finding that experimenting on lab animals had limits. Even the morgue parts had limited use. Dr Scary needed real specimens for testing to continue his research. Dr Scary would mislead friends about having special cures for them to test his formulas. Desperate times lead to self experimentation.

Side effects were affecting Dr Scary’s haunting appearance and scary behavior. He was becoming more and more withdrawn from people. Evil scary things were happening in his house. Too many people were growing suspicious, talking, asking questions.

To avoid exposure Dr Scary set up his own laboratory. An old abandoned asylum, complete with a morgue, near a graveyard. As before, with his house parts of it looked more like a haunted house than a laboratory. He became even more withdrawn, disfigured, haunting.


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Location of Dr. Scary’s Haunted House

Dr. Scary's Haunted House is at Jellystone Park of Fort Atkinson, in the heart of Jefferson County, Wisconsin.  We are only 12 miles off I-90 Janesville exits and centrally located between Rockford, Madison & Milwaukee.  Click here for more directions.

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Camping, Fun & Fear at Dr. Scary’s Haunted House

Enjoy Camping and Dr. Scary's haunted house all at the same time. Jellystone Park of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin has 4 Halloween weekends for campers. Why limit your fun to just a haunted house.  Come camping for the weekend Click here for more information.